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Estimating Software

Best Estimate Pro - A fast and easy to use electrical estimating software package.

Electrical Bid Manager RESIDENTIAL Demo - by Vision InfoSoft Corporation Residential electrical estimating
     software. For custom, luxury custom and tract homes.  Also condos/apartments.  Download free demo!   
Electrical Bid Manager(tm) Basic/Plus/Pro Demo - by Vision Infosoft Corparation
     Electrical estimating software for every size of contractor business.  
     Rated #1estimating software solution by VDV World Magazine readers in 2004. Free Demos

Time & Material Billing Manager™ Demo - by Vision Infosoft Corporation.
     Electrical estimating software for every size of contractor business.  Rated #1estimating software solution by VDV World  
     Magazine readers in 2004. Free Demos

Electrical Calculation Manager Demo - by Vision Infosoft Corporation.
     Using software to calculate wire and conduit size can save you thousands of dollars and hours of time by reducing errors. Free   

EPIC Pricing System Software  - by Vision Infosoft Corporation.
     EPIC (Electronic Pricing Information and Catalogs) is your tool for instant, accurate and realistic pricing information.  Free 

Take-Off Demo - by celogo.gif (5476 bytes)

Bid Recap Demo- by celogo.gif (5476 bytes)
PowerBid Working Demo - by Accubid

Personal Estimator - by Litek 

Lessons for Personal Estimato


Download Trial software below:

Best Estimate Pro - A fast and easy to use electrical estimating software package.

Troubleshooting Skills - Highly interactive simulated based training programs.

Constructor 2.0 Demo - by CMH Software for ladder diagrams, motor controls and PLC's. 

Convert - Conversion software - converts just about anything.

Electric Calculator 3 - DC power, voltage, current, resistance calcs / wire size / conduit size

Electric Calculator 8 - Lighting and motor calcs / Pipe and wire size

Electrical/Electronic Formulas - Electronic calcs / Electrical Calcs - single phase&three phase

Motor Data Calculator - Single Phase and Three Phase motor calcs by Square D

Ohm's Law Calculator - Calculate voltage, amps, resistance and power

OSHA Software - Fire saftey, confined spaces, abestos advisors.

Voltage Drop Calculator - Freeware voltage drop program by Mike Holt.

Select-a-Fuse - pick the right fuse (Gould Shawmut)

Electric Calculator - The electric calculating tool by Automated Electrical Systems

Raceway Wizard - calculates: raceway size, voltage drop, wire size, overcurrent based 1996 Electrical Code

Voltages of the world - Containing the different voltages from around the world by A.E.S.

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