Contractor Industry Development Between Owner Builder and Real Estate Developer

Contractor Industry Development between Owner Builder and Real Estate Developer

Contractor Industry Development Between Owner Builder and Real Estate Developer – Contractor industry in all over the world now becomes one of the most fast growing industries. The needs of the people to build new building through contractor office are getting higher by years. Otherwise, many kinds of contractor offices are available. You can choose what kind of contractor that you need, based on your basic needs.

– Owner Builder
Basically owner builder itself is not the literal meaning of contractor that builds new building or renovating buildings even though it is still a part of Contractor Company. They have slightly different role of build or managing buildings.

  • Sell or Rent Building
    The main job of owner building is basically to sell or rent buildings they have. To be owner builder, you have to get some buildings first. And then using small organization, you can start to maintain selling and renting those buildings. You will get big profit from those buildings when you are selling in higher price. Adding some furniture and interior touch can help to increase the price of buildings. Being owner builder nowadays is being one of the best shot for investors, in addition to being an investor it will help you to get great profit every year.
  • Operate Buildings
    Another way to maintain business as owner builder is by operating office building or commercial building that you have. After the office is buily, you can maintain it as an operator of those buildings. In other way, the people who need your building will pay to you after you maintaining the building. This one is kind of type in contractor industry that can make you get get big profit.

– Real Estate Developer
Almost the same with owner builder, real estate builder basically build their own land as a rea estate area, and sell it under their name. In other words, you can be real estate building and also property broker at the same time after you build your own land and sell the result to another person.

  • Sell After Project
    Normally, you can sell the result of your building after you are done building the land. It still okay if you want to build one or two houses only before you sell it to a family or a person.
  • Good Calculation of Project
    To get a great profit from the project, the best way is to make a great calculation of every building process you have done. This can bet he basic of the price before you sell building to another person.
    Either real estate development or owner builder are almost the same way of business, but each of them has their own way to maintain. And each of them still need a small organization of getting the best result for each project.