Here are some  transformer formulas that may be useful.

- Useful Formulas
- Motor Formulas

To better understand the following formulas review the rule of transposition in equations.
A multiplier may be removed from one side of an equation by making it a division on the other side, or a division may be removed from one side of an equation by making it a multiplier on the other side.

1. Voltage and Current: Primary (p) secondary (s)
Power(p) = power (s) or Ep x Ip = Es x Is

A. Ep = Es x Is
B. Ip = Es x Is
C. Is = Ep x Ip
D. Es = Ep x Ip

2. Voltage and Turns in Coil:
Voltage (p) x Turns (s) = Voltage (s) x Turns (p)
or Ep x Ts = Es x Ip

A. Ep = Es x Ip
B. Ts = Es x Tp
C. Tp = Ep x Ts
D. Es = Ep x Ts

3. Amperes and Turns in Coil:
Amperes (p) x Turns (p) = Amperes (s) x Turns (s)
or Ip x Tp = Is x Ts

A. Ip = Is x Ts
B. Tp = Is x Ts
C. Ts = Ip x Tp
D. Is = Ip x Tp

For more Transformer Information Check out Useful Information.

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